705 East 10th St.
Fowler, IN 47944
Tel: 765-884-0500 Fax: 765-884-1401

Hours: Mon-Fri 7:30-5:30, Sat 7:30-4:00, Sun Closed
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WOOD KOTE specialists: Jeremy or Nancy Deno.

WOOD KOTE products available: Jel'd Stain.



5035 Lafayette Rd.
Indianapolis, IN 46254
Tel: 317-293-1100 Fax: 317-293-6580

Hours: Mon-Fri  8:30-5:30, Sat 8:30-Noon, Sun Closed
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WOOD KOTE specialists: Mike Greeley, Anna Thompson.

WOOD KOTE Products available: Jel'd Stain, Flagship UV Poliuretano para exterior.



Online Orders in the Contiguous United States

8404 N Albina Ave.
Portland, OR 97217
Tel: 503-548-4983 Fax: 503-548-4916
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We carry the complete line of Wood Kote Products. We have the most knowledgeable and friendliest customer service in the country!!

WOOD KOTE Products available: Lite-N-Up Wood Bleach, Wood Perfect Paste Grain Filler all 6 colors, WoodBuddy Water-Based Wood patch, W-F-C Wood Flour Cement, SprayLaq 680A Sealer Utility Sanding Sealer, Trans Kote-A Stainable Primer, Jel'd Stain Original Gelled Wood Stain all 26 colors, Jel'd Stain H2O Water-Based Gelled Wood Stain, Jel'd Stain 250 Very Low VOC Gelled Wood Stain, Jel'd Stain 550 Premium Low VOC Gelled Wood Stain, Liqwid Stain 250 Very Low VOC Liquid Wood Stain, Liqwid Stain 550 Premium Low VOC Liquid Wood Stain, Dye Stain-A UV Acetone-Based NGR Dye Stain, Glaze Kote 250 Grain Enhancing Glaze, SprayLaq 680A Utiliy Production Lacquer, BrushLaq 680 Brushing Lacquer, Jel'd Poly Kote 250 Wipe-On Polyurethane, Ultra Flagship UV 450 & 250Interior/Exterior Polyurethane, Clear and Clean Water-Based Polyurethane, Clear and Clean II Water-Based Polyurethane + catalyst, MacroTint & MiniTint Measuring Devices, Korrect-O Industrial Colorants, Perfect-O Solvent-Based Colorants, LaqFlat-A Lacquer Flatting Agent, PolyFlat 450 Polyurethane Flatting Agent, LaqAdd Lacquer Retarder, X-Link-R Clear and Clean Catalyst, AceThin Acetone, AlkoThin Alcohol, LaqThin T4 & T99-A Lacquer Thinner and Reducer, WashThin Utility Wash Thinner, PolySolvent Mineral Spirits, OxyThin VOC Exempt Solvent, Sta-Wax Wood Polish, Lin-Soap Linseed Oil Soap, Jel'd Lin Soap Gelled Linseed Oil Soap, C-U-2 glass cleaner.






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